Is Everyone approved?
We do try our best to approve everyone but everyone is not approved

When is my first payment and how often do I make payments on my loan?
The first payment is due no more than 3 weeks from the date you signed the loan agreement.  ?Payments must land on your payday?.

What is the maximum I can borrow?
The maximum that can be borrowed depends on your income, expenses, credit score, and situation.  But in most cases, first time loans can go upto $2,500.

If I pay the balance owing on my current loan, can I renew?
You are able to pay the current outstanding loan and renew, depending on your standing with us.

My Residence, employment, and other information has changed, what should I do?
Contact us as soon as possible with the changes.

How do I find out how many payments I have remaining?
Please contact us  (Provide monthly invoice?!)

An Emergency during my loan payment and I can’t make a full repayment amount, what will happen?
Repay interest only and skip a full payment of the loan.  Your end date will be adjusted to reflect the change.